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What is Gel·Leo?

GELLEO allows for reactive training scenarios in any setting using gel-munition which has zero impact to critical infrastructure!

The GELLEO base system features handguns, rifles, training ammo, and an electronic scoring system that detects hits to all individuals involved in the exercise.

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Equip others with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in a high-stress and potentially life-threatening situation.

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Law Enforcement Proffessionals learn to promote and teach using GEL·LEO while enhancing safety in both public and private locations.

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Be responsible for the planning, procurement, execution and completion of a trainings in a given area.

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Looking for experts to address active shooter or high stakes training? Looking for an interview for a media source?

Why choose us

Non-lethal, active shooter training equipment, unique systems and opportunities for the public and private security forces.


The type of ammunition used provides no risk of damage to property or persons while training on site. Zero cleanup required outdoors and very little indoors.

Realistic Experience

Our electronic tracking systems offers real time target information. Receive feedback on the effects of specific decisions and help participants understand the proper protocols for reacting to such an event.

On-Site Training

By practicing in realistic environments, officers can better prepare themselves for the split-second decisions they will need to make if they are ever confronted with an armed suspect

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